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10 Strategies to Keep Your Real Estate Website In Tip-Top Shape

Keep Your Website In Tip Top Shape










1) Remember, It’s Not About You…. It’s About Them

When buyers or sellers want information on moving it’s what on their mind that is going to get them to want to click and stay with your website. Whether it’s for a first-time, move-up or luxury home buyer, or a seller trying to find out what’s selling, you have to put yourself in THEIR shoes and have sections that matter to what is important to them.

2) Have Highly Visible Buttons And Calls To Action

Utilizing targeted buttons and sections on your website allows your visitor to find information quickly and easily. Sure, not everyone is going to read content on that page (although that is important for search engines) but they will want to find out what each area offers. By having specific sections on your website focused on the areas you are an expert in you also show sellers that you are an expert in their area which in turn raises credibility for you to get their listing. See DozierProperties.com to see how quickly you can get information without the hassle.

3) Sprinkle In Specific Property Searches To Increase Quality Lead Generation

On targeted pages of your website, add the ability for a website visitor to search for specific kinds of properties and in specific price ranges. Every page should have the ability for some type of creative way to see listings. Think about even setting searches by farm area or neighborhood… now that’s creative! The integration of an IDX system is an invaluable tool in generating sales leads. See ElkinRealEstate.com/elkin_state_road to get an idea.

4) Generate Leads With A Strong IDX System

There can be huge differences between an IDX that just shows houses for sale and an IDX that has “clickable components” which will generate a high quality lead. Visitors to your website who are searching for homes through your IDX will be prompted to register after viewing a set amount of listing details, thereby capturing your business another quality lead. Also consider adding features that allow a website visitor to schedule an appointment, to receive free email listings on homes that fit their criteria, and the ability to save a listing as a favorite, are key elements to success.

5)  Cultivate Leads And Stay In Front Of Them

There is a big difference in lead inquires and actual leads. You want to incubate the lead and keep them in front of you. Statistics show that home buyers start searching for homes months before they actually buy. A great way to cultivate quality leads is to have an automated email letter campaign that is sent out to home buyers or sellers in specific niches. For example, buyers looking for REO’s/Foreclosures should get letters that pertain to that specific type of market, not just general information.

6)  Develop A Website That Is Ready For A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

What use is your new website if no one can find it? SEO strategies like metatags and specific descriptions for your pages make it structurally sound and create amazing results. With the proper website platform that can be adapted to SEO strategies, your website and your services are more likely to be found than the cookie-cutter websites that are so often used and so often fail to produce quality leads.

7) Make Sure You Are In Control

Having a website that is easily editable with abilities to add pages, customize forms, add video, password protected pages and more will help you have a website that you won’t outgrow. Even though you want and/or need to focus on real estate you do want to feel comfortable that you can make a change to your website without having to go through a custom designer for every little change. Remember, having a system that you feel you can make a simple change to when it’s needed will help you know that you stay focused on what you want to achieve.

8) Create A Lasting Marriage

Traditional advertising—newspaper adds, post cards, listing flyers, etc.—isn’t dead. However, there should be a marriage between all marketing channels. Create a consistent look and feel between your traditional marketing materials AND your website to brand you and provide you with instant recognition in the market place. This consistency from your logo, your message and your understanding of the consumer, is incredibly important in establishing you as a recognizable expert in your real estate market.

9) Include Social Media In Your Overall Strategy

Create a Twitter account or Facebook page for your local market to update potential home buyers and sellers what’s happening also brands you as the local real estate expert. Include links to your website that will drive them back to pages like your blog to create stickiness. By integrating social network outlets to your website you also open up additional doors for clients to find you and your services. Remember to have a link on your Facebook page to your website and your contact information.

10) Keep It “Breathing”

Understand that your website is a living, breathing thing. It should always be a work in progress. As your business grows your website will grow with you. Twice a year commit to looking at your website with fresh eyes to see what you can be improved.  Have a focus group of your top sphere and ask them for their input. By focusing on improving you will always keep a step ahead of your competition.