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Customer Relationships

5 Social Media Tips for Building Customer Relationships

Modern, social media is widely used as a form of advertisement. Social media can also be an effective means of increasing customer loyalty throughout the relationship, and for customer service.

Below are 5 tips for improving your customer relationship by using social media:

1. Providing outstanding customer service

Quality customer service is always a critical factor for customer retention. The majority of customers who leave a business do so after a bad experience. Social media provides a unique opportunity for customers to share customer experiences with other customers, but it also provides businesses with a way to demonstrate their focus on customer loyalty.

The key to avoiding negative publicity is to provide a good customer experience with practices such as offering generous return policies and responding promptly to questions. Social media is the ideal channel for the latter.

Once a problem with customer service arises on social media, the best damage control is to acknowledge it, apologize for the problem, and resolve it as quickly as possible. It’s also vital that you not shift blame or get defensive in your response.

2. Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to motivate your client base to buy more. Implementing a loyalty program on social media is easy. It generally requires you to establish the goal, determine the actions you want to reward and possibly provide the customer a head start towards that goal.

An example might be offering customers a free product after five purchases or a free product after seven purchases with a credit towards that goal by initially giving them credit for two purchases. Both programs require the customer to make five purchases before receiving the free product, but the second program provides motivation. The second program will typically yield better customer retention, holding all other factors equal.

3. Provide valuable information

One of the best uses for social media is to become a useful source of information. Social media channels are an effective means of disseminating information to customers and prospective customers, especially for the purpose of increasing marketing leverage. A company’s relationships with its customers become stronger when those customers rely on that company to provide them with relevant advice and commentary. A business should also strive to become an established authority on general subjects within its areas of expertise, which will attract prospective customers who are primarily looking for an information resource.

4. Focus on valued customers

Businesses should focus on their most valuable customers to get the best results from their efforts to improve customer relationships on social media. The customers who will yield the highest lifetime value for a business may be those who spend the most money. However, customers who are more consistent with their purchases may be more valuable to a company in the long run. Other types of valuable customers include those who are easy to serve or act as brand ambassadors.

5. Educate your customers

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for a business to educate its customers on its products and services. Customer education is especially helpful for new customers who have just purchased a product. This use of social media can reduce customer frustration and confusion, which can proactively avoid a customer service call or the loss of the customer altogether. Common methods of educating customers include product guides and tutorials, especially videos. Consultation and training services are also an effective means of providing customer support on social media.


If used correctly, social media is a great resource for building and maintaining relationships with your customers. The most effective strategies include offering loyalty programs, providing a consistently positive social media presence and serving as an information resource.

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