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7 Ways to Use Short Video Content for Your Small Business

7 Ways to Use Short Video Content for Your Small Business

The face of social media has changed considerably in a short time, and today short video content is dominating news feeds. While some social media platforms use video as a feature, like Instagram Stories, others, such as TikTok, use short videos as their main form of communication. Businesses can then leverage this content on their own social media pages to help improve their customer engagement and boost sales. To share insights on how to do just that, 7 experts from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) answer the following question:

“What’s one way you’ve used Instagram Stories, TikTok, or other short video content for your small business, and why do you think it was so effective in achieving your goal?”

1. Connecting With Client Pain Points

“We use Instagram Stories to connect with the pain points and goals of our customers. The key is to quickly show how your product can solve an industry-specific problem. When followers can see the benefits of becoming a customer, they are more likely to visit your website and make a purchase.” ~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

2. Offering Quick Education

“The great thing about short videos is that you are forced to share impact immediately. As a lawyer, the law can be a difficult topic to explain. But by using visual cues tied with quick graphics, we can share important information with our audience in a way they can remember and actually enjoy.” ~ Matthew Podolsky, Florida Law Advisers, P.A.

3. Providing Information and Advertising

“I switched my entire marketing plan to using short TikTok-style videos over the last three months. This is what is trending and what works. People want video content that is short and simple. I have used these videos to give information and tips, as well as advertise products and upcoming webinars. These videos perform 10 times better than regular content and graphics.” ~ Lisa Collum, Top Score Writing

4. Sharing the People Behind the Brand

“Small businesses can use livestreaming to introduce the people behind the brand and humanize it. Sometimes there’s a block between a business and its customers because there’s a lack of connection or emotion. But you can use video content to give viewers and potential customers a different look at your brand.” ~ Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

5. Creating Product Demonstrations

“We’ve used animated videos to help demonstrate the TutorMe online tutoring platform as well as tell the brand story in a concise but compelling way. Because our service requires interaction to understand the benefits fully, video has been highly effective because consumers prefer easily digestible content that highlights key points and speaks to their short- and long-term goals.” ~ Myles Hunter, TutorMe

6. Providing Quick Daily Updates

“We have had amazing success utilizing the Instagram Stories feature. We use our posts on Instagram to promote larger concepts or events and use Stories for quick daily updates. This ensures we don’t lose the energy of posting new topical content as it reaches us, but also that we maintain the integrity of our grid and remain in control of the story we are telling.” ~ Ashley Sharp, Dwell with Dignity

7. Creating Giveaway Contests

“We’re using the short video format, especially when they stick around for just 24 hours, to create giveaway contests and other time-bound offers. Because this type of content disappears fast, it creates FOMO and compels viewers to take action right away. It’s important to combine different formats with the right content to see the best effect.” ~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner