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Increase Your Website Traffic – Creating Shareable Content

Tip #4 - Increase Your Website Traffic By Creating Shareable Content

How "shareable" is my content? I'm sure that is not a question you ask yourself very often. If you think about it if your content is easy to share, your visitors can help you spread the word which is a great way to increase your website traffic. It could even go "viral!"

So how do you make sure your content is easy to share? This is achieved through a combination of using a solid headline and an image that is interesting, along with a solid, captivating lead-in.

This combination helps you to create the perfect small chunk of information about your article that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media networks.

Lists are very popular for sharing amongst the many social networks. Sites like Mashable are able to do a fantastic job of using list headlines like “20 Ways to..." or "10 Signs of...” These do a great job of drawing the reader’s eye and compensate for short attention spans. EnchantingMarketing.com has some great examples of headline formulas that you can follow.

Using an interesting or eye-catching image is a must. Here is a free stock photo site that offers some great images - Pexels.com

Next is your captivating lead-in. A lead-in is a short phrase that introduces the main subject, similar to a subheading. You want your lead-in to be something that is catchy like the headline so your visitors will keep reading.

Last is your content which also needs to be interesting if you want anyone to share it with others. So, if you just throw something together expect your visitors to put as much effort into it as you did. If you take your time to write something that engages your visitors, they will be very interested in sharing it with other people they know, and those people will share it with others that they know, and so forth, it will grow and grow and grow. Suddenly you have an increase in traffic to your website and best of off it’s free.

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