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Do people see you as the expert in your market?

5 Steps to Becoming An Expert in Your Field

Do people see you as the expert in your market?

Whether you have been in business for 5 or 50 years, your knowledge has made your company a success. Why not leverage your knowledge to gain celebrity status in your marketplace?

Being seen as an expert in your particular field can open up doors for business opportunities that can grow your business and fuel your success even more.

Below are 5 steps to becoming an expert in your field.

1. Specialize – Don’t try to please everyone! Focus your energy on a small group of possible clients. This approach will help you understand your niche better and help you cater to your market better. You’ll perfect the art of appealing to and pleasing that smaller group of customers.

2. Educate your customers – Teach them things about your market that they may not know. As an educator, you work hard at communicating with customers on a regular basis. For example, financial expert Dave Ramsey has a site on which he posts various tips and articles for his customers.

3. Testimonials – Let others say how great you are. People are not going to believe you if you tell them how great you are, but they will listen to what other people say about you. Make sure to ask your client’s for a testimonial and include them on your website and on other marketing items.

4. Stay Up-To-Date On Trends - Every field changes, some more rapidly than others. Experts explore new trends and understand where their industry is headed. They have foresight and aren’t afraid of the latest and greatest technology and innovations.

5. Become An Author - Blog weekly about your market or area of expertise. This will showcase what you know and gives you an opportunity to find your writer's voice. Create categories for your blogs and keep adding detailed posts, and you’ll soon have enough chapters to put together a book. By being a published book author, you will gain expert status. “Author” will be added to your introductions at conferences and speaking engagements. Amazon reviews will increase your credibility and exposure. Posting your book cover on your website is a subtle reminder to all who visit, that you are the real deal.

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