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Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic For Free

Increase Your Website Traffic By Using A Good Website Design

Tip #5 - Increase Your Website Traffic By Using A Good Website Design

So far we have talked about a few ideas on how to increase your website traffic. These included posting to forums and blog, ideas for giveaways, how to use accurate keywords, and how to create shareable content.

Now for our final tip - use a good website design.

Sometimes we become so focused on increasing our website traffic that we overlook the design of our website. A good website design can increase your traffic. Let’s look at some of the important points for your website.

#1 Balance your page – A good website has balance. When a visitor arrives at your website, the first thing they see is the top left of your page. This is a great place to add your logo and contact information. Balance out the rest of the page with photos, call-to-actions, icons, links, and text. Make sure the page flows nicely so it's easy to read.

#2 Build a modern design that is cohesive – If you build a website that is hard to find your way around on, your visitors will hit the back button faster than you can say "gone." Make sure that you choose a design and layout that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

#3 Be sure that you keep your page simpleA clean site is much more visually appealing than one that is too busy. There are lots of tools that allow you to put cool graphics on your website, show videos, interact with visitors, and so on. However, we tend to put too many active things on the page and that makes it hard for visitors to stay focused. In fact, it can be annoying. It’s not that you shouldn’t use these items, but rather choose wisely how you use them.

#4 Create a navigation menu that is easy to use – Website visitors often look for a navigation bar close to the top of the website. It's great to "think outside the box", but sometimes it's best to stick with what visitors are comfortable with. Also don’t forget the link back to your homepage.

A good website design means visitors will stay on your site because they "like" it and return often. It also means they are far more likely to recommend your website to others. Something as simple as a good website design can increase your traffic so don’t overlook it.

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