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How to Write Effective Copy for Your Website – Part 2

Never Overlook Formatting

While your writing and vocabulary may be great, sometimes it is easy to overlook the formatting and layout of your article or post.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when formatting your writing.

• Try to avoid using lots of capital letters and exclamations marks in your work; this does not look very professional. Instead use bold text and color in order to highlight any important points you wish to make.

• Use bullets, numbers, and headings to break up large chunks of information.

• Always refrain from adding two spaces after each full stop. Not only will you save time, you will also save space also.

• At the end of each paragraph, make sure that you press the return key twice and do the same after each section title.

• Use plenty of subheadings. This helps those who would rather just scan a page before they commit to actually reading the whole thing. These subheadings should lead your visitor through the key points.

• Indent any key elements in your copy. This will help to add emphasis where it is needed. It also helps to break up an otherwise large block of text.