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Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Profits

Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Profits – Part 2

Graphic Enhancements

Product Images

Which of the two covers below would convert more sales? The answer is obvious…

You see, most of the time, people will ignore the appearance of their products. They will spend tons of money on their ghostwriters, their website, their autoresponder and even their work force, but the moment they neglect the appearance of their products, they lose many precious sales because their product photo isn’t attractive enough.

The truth would scare you – many DO judge a book by its cover.

If you invest in a good action script you can easily enhance the appearance of your products, for example – eBook cover. You can change it from a flat one to a more realistic cover that will convert more visitors into buyers.

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Mini-site banners

Mini-site banners are equally important as well. The banner is the first thing people see other than the opening headline of the sales copy or landing page.

Don’t use just ANY banner

Your landing page banner should be different than the main banner on your website. The landing page is dedicated to the product or service you are selling. Everything on that page should complement your product or service. If you are not comfortable designing a banner, invest in a graphic designer.

Product Package Images

If you are offering a package deal, you can also combine images together to make the appearance of the full package even more enticing.

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