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The Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

The Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Is email marketing dead to you? It's not uncommon for businesses to experience problems with email marketing. We understand how frustrating it can be to not reach your email marketing goals after a while. However, you shouldn't give it up because of this.
The return on investment from email is massive. In fact, it outperforms all other marketing tactics. The average return on investment for email marketing is $42 for every $1 you spend. Because of that, you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy.
How can you craft email campaigns that your recipients will care about?
Email campaigns can be affected by a few common blunders. These email marketing DOs and DON'Ts can help you improve delivery and open rates, grow your sales, and get more responses.
The Do's

• Your opening statement should intrigue your readers.

• Text walls are a major turnoff, so keep it short and simple.

• It feels more personal to send plain texts.

• Make your communication personal as if it were one-on-one.

• Provide actionable instructions that are clear and direct.

• Make sure your email is mobile-friendly.

• Tell a story to your readers so they know you are a real person.

The Don'ts

• Do not use emails as a broadcast medium like television, YouTube, or banner ads.

• Don’t spam because it is a form of unsolicited, overly promotional communication.

• Don’t buy mailing lists and waste your money.

• Don't bombard your readers with too many emails in a week.

• Don't straight up try to sell, since no one likes a salesperson who is pushy.

• Don't use spammy triggered words in your email as spam filters will send them directly to spam folders.

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