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Why It’s Important to Sell the Problem Rather Than the Solution

It can be hard for an entrepreneur to make his/her products or services noticed. After all, the competition in the business world is pretty stiff. What can you do to ensure your idea stands out? Your approach can make all the difference. If you make an effort to sell the problem instead of the solution, you will force people to take notice of what you have to say.

Here is an example. Do you know how YouTube was conceptualized? The founders hated that there wasn’t a proper video-sharing platform. And they decided to take matters into their own hands. Yes, YouTube was initially promoted as a video-sharing platform. Of course, it became much bigger, but this is how the idea gained mileage.

If you convince people they have a problem, they will be more inclined to give your proposed solution a chance. And this is your key to success!

Why Sell the Problem and Not the Solution?

It’s common for good salespeople to sell the solution. But people who actually sell the problem are the real deal! Because they have understood how to gain attention and stand out among the masses! So, if you want the best results, this is what you need to do.

If you observe the best salespeople, you will notice that before they introduce any product to their customers, they ask for their customer’s requirements. They endeavor to gain insight into their customers’ problems. And then prove to them that a particular product can help deal with the problem in the best way possible.

How to Understand Your Customers to Sell the Problem?

It’s tricky to come up with unique ideas. One thing you will notice in most startups is that the ideas are pretty similar, but it’s the packaging that makes all the difference. And this is what you have to learn.

What’s the best way to solve a problem? First, you have to understand it! If you want consumers to give your product a chance, you have to make them feel the need for it. And this is where your marketing will come into the picture.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind. Your customers don’t really care about cool features until they understand how these features can make a difference. You have to show them how your proposed solution can make a difference.

Win Customers

One thing you will notice when you try to sell something is that people will view you suspiciously. They will think you just want to sell them something, which is why you are trying to convince them that your product can solve their problem.

But what if you introduce them to a problem they hadn’t even noticed until now? You won’t have to convince them to buy your product in that case. They will naturally be attracted to it to solve the impending problem. And this will give your sales a boost as you had never imagined!

You have to use the customers’ words. Try to make your idea more relatable. Introduce the problem and show it to the world. Prove that the issue had been there for a bit but not given the attention it deserved. And then let the world see how the problem can be solved with your services.

Remember, it’s not easy for a startup, new product, or service to get attention. There are simply too many options out there. If you don’t want your idea to get lost amidst the crowd, you have to work on your approach. Sell the problem, and you will get the results you have been looking for!


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