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You May Have A Facebook Page For Your Business That You Didn’t Create

Did you know that a Facebook page may exist for your business even if someone from your business didn’t create it? For example, when someone “checks in” to a place on Facebook that doesn’t have a Facebook business page; an unofficial page is created to represent that location.

At the end of last year (pre- COVID19) I was enjoying a meal at a new local restaurant. While chatting with the owner, the subject of social media came up. I asked him what kind of marketing he has done so far. He mentioned a few things, but when it came to social media marketing his comment was “I don’t worry about posting on Facebook. I have several young people working for me and they are always on social media so I figure they’ll take care of it.”

Fast forward to earlier this year (about 3 month after my first visit to the restaurant); I saw a post on Facebook from one of the restaurant’s employees. She was commenting on what looked like the restaurant’s Facebook page. Her comment read “I’m not sure who is the moderator of this page, but it isn’t Garfield’s. The hours are wrong and the address is incorrect…

Garfields' Facebook

The owner never setup a business page for the restaurant so Facebook generated an unofficial business page for people to “check in.”

The problem is unofficial Facebook pages usually contains incorrect information, and it isn’t active or updated. These pages are a poor representation of your business’s social outreach.

If the Facebook page is unmanaged, you’ll see Unofficial Page below its cover photo. You can request to claim the page and become its admin or you can merge the page into a Facebook page you already manage for your business.

To claim or merge an unmanaged Page:

  • Click Is this your business? below the page’s cover photo.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

You may be asked for information to verify your relationship with the business, such as business phone number, business email or documents in order to claim an unofficial page.

Update: The restaurant owner now has an official Facebook page for the restaurant.

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